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10 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving Day is a day to celebrate for those you have to be thankful for in the past year that each one of us has, no matter how big or small it is. The year 2020 may be different because of the pandemic, but this is not a reason to miss this great day, especially among the kids.


Here are fun ways to celebrate Thanksgiving Day:

1. Go for a walk or bike with family members.

Have you been staying at home for months already? Clean fresh air is something to be thankful for. Commune with nature appreciating the green, yellow, and orange colors of the plants and trees.

2. Play an outdoor game with the kids.

 Run a popcorn relay race. This is suitable whether indoor or outdoor and economical, too.

3. Decorate your house to make a festive mood.

Start with pumpkin decors on your stairways and pathways. Add colored candles like Rainier’s Gifts Grandmas’s Pumpkin Pie Candle. You can also choose to make a centerpiece out of the Hot Apple Pie candle on the dinner table.

4. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade virtually.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio confirmed last September that people can still watch and enjoy the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV amid the large scale postponement of events because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year’s parade will be aired on NBC-TV and Telemundo. To know more about it read

5. Make a thanksgiving craft.

Children can make Thank you cards. This is one way to teach children how to show gratitude to other people.

6. Prepare a delicious dessert.

Bake a cake or pie. Allow the kids to join you in decorating a pie or kneading the dough.

7.Host a Virtual Party.

With the use of technology for group online meetings, distant relatives and friends shouldn’t miss the fun. You can even play a game virtually.

8. Watch a fall movie.

You don’t need to wait for December to watch a Christmas movie. After all, Christmas is a thanksgiving holiday, too.

9. Remember the Five’s

If you cannot avoid celebrating Thanksgiving Day without inviting friends and relatives, here are 5 things to remember:

  1. The place to celebrate should be well ventilated. An outdoor place is a wise choice. If you will celebrate at home, open the windows so that the air can freely circulate.

     2. If you need to go out, maintain a physical distance of at least one meter.

     3. Always wear face masks and/or face shields except during dinner.

     4. Try to lessen your time of interaction. If you can do it in thirty

         minutes or less, just to greet or give gifts to your relatives and friends,

         that will be good.

  1. Sanitize hands frequently. Don’t forget to bring your own small bottle of hand sanitizer. If you are the host, an automatic hand sanitizer must be in place.

10.Send gifts to your relatives and friends.

Sending gifts is a beautiful way to show how much you are thankful to people that matter in your lives. A nicely wrapped box of chocolates, flowers, and gifts like Rainier’s scented candles will surely lift the mood of the recipients, especially during this difficult time.

Show that you care by including personal protective supplies like face masks, face shields, and hand sanitizer dispensers. Even a simple Safeline key that is elegantly boxed can be a cute but adorable gift for your germophobic friends.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving Day.