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Are Your Kids Ready for the Halloween?

Gatherings are soon to be held during the last quarter of the year. Among these are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year which is right after its end. One of the most celebrated events among the kids is the Halloween Trick or Treats. However, during this Pandemic, the usual celebrations will not be the same as before.


Since SarsCov2 is found to be highly contagious, gathering in big groups is highly discouraged. It was also found out that children are not safe also from this disease.


Here are the things to consider, according to CDC, when attending an event or gathering:


  1. Community levels of Covid19 - What is the statistic of cases in the community where you are going. You should avoid that area if the number is high.


  1. Location of the gathering – Is it indoors or outdoor? Recently, it was found out that Covid19 is an airborne disease which tells that it is highly contagious in enclosed spaces where there is no enough ventilation.


  1. Duration of the gathering – The longer is the celebration, the riskier it is to the attendees.


  1. The number of people at the gathering – Large crowd gathering is to be avoided as much as possible.


  1. The locations attendees are coming from – Attendees coming from various places pose more risk than when coming from the same location. The statistic of cases from those locations matter, too.


  1. The behaviors of attendees before and during the gathering – What are the practices being observed by the attendees before attending the gathering? Are strict implementation of safety measures such as wearing masks or social distancing being observed in their area? Are the same safety measures being observed during the event gathering?


  1. People who are already sick, exposed, or at risk with Covid19 should not attend in-person gatherings.


Halloween Safety Tips for Kids


       Children always await the "Trick or Treats" celebration of the Holloween.  Parents who are anxious for their kids’ safety are advised of the following tips:


  1. Kids should bring masks or make masks as part of their costumes.


  1. Bring hand sanitizers.


  1. Avoid bringing pointed objects.


  1. Travel or walk in small groups.


  1. For those unaccompanied kids, they should be reminded of the following:     

          a. to look left and right before crossing the streets to avoid

          car accidents.

          b. to bring the treats home first so that parents can inspect them

          before eating

          c. Children must be given clear instructions in cases of

          emergencies before leaving the home.


  1. It is recommended that children should be accompanied, even if they are old enough so that there’ll be someone who will always remind them to sanitize their hands, wear masks, and maintain social distancing.


Tips on How To Celebrate Halloween At Home:


We all want to make our children safe that is why some cities have discouraged holding of "Trick or Treats" this year. These are the ways to make kids enjoy this day even while staying at home:


  1. Let the kids help you in baking cookies in your kitchen.


  1. Prepare bags or baskets of goodies.


  1. Play games that will teach them good things and manners. Use the goodies as prizes.


  1. You can also make crafts for the next celebration like Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  1. Initiate and join them in prayers to end this pandemic. This will brighten up their mood.


Whether to celebrate or not the Halloween "Trick or Treats", children should learn that their safety is everyone’s priority and that they, adults likewise, should not lose hope that this pandemic is only temporary and will eventually end.